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Note: we are currently assembling our calendar of events for the 2023-2024 academic year. Please check back in a few weeks for updates.

Last Semester's Events (Spring 2023)

Unless otherwise stated, all Public Lecture & Stargazing events start at 6pm

February 17: "Mysterious Messiness of M33" by Dr. Amanda Quirk (public talk w/ stargazing)

March 3: "The Cosmic History of Stellar Birth" by Professor Mordecai-Mark Mac Low (public talk w/ stargazing)

March 31: "First Stars! Second Life? The remarkable vision of the James Webb Space Telescope" by David Helfand (public talk w/ stargazing)

April 14: "The Zombies in the Sky: What Happens When Stars Die?" by Shifra Mandel (public talk w/ stargazing; starting at 6:30pm)

April 28: "The Edge of the Backyard: Mapping the Boundaries of the Solar System" by Ben Cassese (public talk w/ stargazing; starting at 7:00pm)